The Future Of SEO For 2015 And Beyond

Google is adding more and more engagement factors in its algo’s not only to gain better metrics for who should be at the top, but also to see what isn’t natural and punish them. Social signals, user engagement such as time on time, bounce rate, pages visited, etc.

I could go into great depth and provide my clients with a long and complex strategy for ticking all these boxes however there is one simple rule that will solve everything which is fast, and simple. It’ is simply…

“aim to be the very best user experience in your niche, THE VERY BEST EVER”

… if you truly think like this, you’ll naturally start to think differently. You’ll want to update the site often with your thoughts on what’s happening in the news in your niche, you’ll link out to that content and also do internal links on sub topics on your own site. Providing your html is SEO friendly and you have a fast server, your “on page factors” are now covered. Then you may want to do regular videos, share your news / videos on your social sites and post on there with comments to engage your users in conversation / thoughts, rather than the typical “look at our product” that gets little user engagement factors from social. User experience and user interface now becomes something of interest, etc etc.

If you truly aim to make your site the best user experience in your niche the site and how you work with it will take care of itself. Then with a great offsite strategy, ie backlinking, you’re on your way to success.