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My free review pack is what makes me stand out from the rest, and when you receive yours you’ll see just how serious I am right from the start.

I will provide you with a free review of your website that is detailed, comprehensive and contains actionable data.


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    Why do I do this?

    More Comprehensive Data

    Firstly, it shows you that I’m serious, as being an SEO consultant for me means providing you with the very best data and services without compromising future success. You’ll see that the data I include is much more comprehensive than the other free packs provided by my competitors, and you will get an insight into how I work.

    Detailed Insight

    However, it also helps me to get a detailed insight into your website and your niche. I can find out just what I will be able to do for you, and I can then set your expectations and advise on a strategy.

    No Hard Sell

    After you receive your pack, I will only contact you once to find out if you have any questions – I don’t go in for the whole hard sell. You can make up your own mind whether you think I’m worth it!

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    So what’s in the free review pack?  

    Competitors’ Data

    I will take a detailed look at three of your main competitors and find out the situation of their SEO and PPC. I’ll look into their traffic levels, rank, bids and more – you’ll be surprised by the amount of data I can find.

    On-Page Review

    The coding of your website affects your SEO success. It’s a very important factor to consider, and if you want the best results, you may need to make some changes to your website. Before I start working on building links, your site should be maximised to make the biggest impact on your results. I’ll therefore complete a detailed review of one web page that you choose, and I’ll provide you with a detailed report detailing what you will need to do, and comparing the page to a site that is ranking highly.

    Keyword Data

    You need to target the right keywords if your SEO campaign is to be successful. I can get your site ranking well, but what if the keywords don’t generate traffic that converts? It’s just not worth the effort. I therefore don’t just focus on getting you ranking for keywords, unlike some of my competitors. Instead, I make sure that the keywords are the right ones and will convert into more profit for you. Professional research is required for this, and I therefore ask you to provide me with a short list of keywords. I’ll then research these to create a larger list and provide you with an idea of the competition.

    Find Out What Stage Your SEO Is At

    After you get hold of your free review pack, you’ll have lots of data to go over. After you’ve had a chance to look over it, I’ll give you a call to spend a bit of time going over the data and discuss strategies. You can then decide whether you want to use my SEO services or not. It’s completely up to you and there is no pestering involved!


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