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The SEO Process By London Based SEO Consultant Scott

The SEO Process

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I use a six-process strategy to get SEO results for my clients.

This is what I have found to produce the best results over the years, and I’ve perfected it to make it simple for you to understand while ensuring powerful results.
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6
Stage 1


I have been an SEO consultant now for many years, and this stage is by far the most important and this is where I get to know your website and your business goals. We’ll have a relaxed chat and I encourage you to ask any questions you have about SEO. You will become completely aware of what is involved, and I’ll get a good idea of what you are expecting and how I can help.

Stage 2


Keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. You essentially want your website to appear for your most important keywords, and during this stage I will take an initial list of keywords and expand it to include as many keywords as possible that are worth your while targeting because they generate sufficient traffic. I use both manual research and powerful keyword research software, and each keyword is analysed in depth to decide which are the best to target.

Stage 3


I’ll then provide a full review of your website. During this stage, I’ll look into every aspect of your website, going behind the scenes to find out what situation it is in. I’ll then provide you with my recommendations to set your website up to be optimised to the max, or I can arrange for the improvements to be made if you prefer.

Stage 4


This is where I come up with a complete strategy for your SEO. It involves analysing the top 10 competitors for each keyword and going through with you exactly what we need to do to boost your performance. The aim of this stage is to agree upon a strategy that we can then start to work on.

Stage 5

Link Building

Links are key for SEO success, and I have a huge link-building operation in place to start getting your website ranking faster. All the links that I create are natural, organic and completely white hat. Ethical SEO is the only type of SEO I know, and whereas many services try to cheat the system, that’s not me. My link-building therefore involves analysing other websites, creating original content, and building various different types of links including links from articles, blogs, directories, forums, social networking and more.

Stage 6


When we reach the monitoring phase, this involves continuous monitoring so find out your success rate for keyword ranking. I will carry out monthly reviews of your performance and will recommend various tweaks if necessary.

This last stage is an ongoing stage. You cannot just set an SEO campaign up and forget about it if you want to be successful. Instead, you need to keep on working at it and checking your performance to improve it. Changes may include choosing new keywords to optimise seeing as you are now ranking at the top of the search results pages for your first keywords.

Always In Touch

I always contact you when I think of something, and I’m very proactive in that sense. You can rest assured that I will constantly be on top of things and keeping an eye on your progress, and I encourage you to get in touch whenever you want with any questions. I want your business to be successful, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure your SEO improves dramatically when your hire my service.

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